College Orientation/Discounts

I have not checked this out but was told college students get Microsoft  free in their personal computers.  College students get discounts if you register with Best Buys on deals and also at B and H Photo. More below. Any student can go to dozens of club events. The only specification is being in your group, such as CLAS students go to CLAS clubs, the same for SGS and GSO. Look on your college ID to see what group you are in. Generally defined that day  students are in CLAS, SGS are night students. Some times a CLAS student takes a night class and SGS takes a day class but it is unclear the way they classify it.  GSO are graduate students. Many clubs will let any student in, but they do not have to.

There are many free food events in the Student Center (SUBO). Don’t go crazy waiting around hours for it because many are just pizza or cafateria food. At nights the library closes all floors but the first floor. If you need a book a librarian will go to another floor to get it for you. The President’s Suggestion Box is located in the lobby intersection of Boylan Hall. It is near the Information office but don’t confuse it with the postal mail box by the ATM.

If new to the campus consider taking a tour that are listed on the home page calendar of events. There is an information booth in Boylan’s lobby. Student Government in the Student Center (SUBO) is a good source for information. The Library Cafe is open 24 hours for BC students and closed only a few holidays a year. There is a high freshmen drop out rate so try to take as few credits as you can handle but still be eligible for financial aid and requirements. Do not take hard classes in the first semesters if you can avoid it. If transferring to a senior college see if the community college class transfers and take it there will be easier usually then in a senior college. From around 5 to 10 pm there is a shuttle ride to the subways. Academic advisers are at 3207 Boylan Hall.
Tutors are in the Learning Center and some on line tutorials. Some computer tutors are there and in the WEB Computer Lab. Social events are mainly in the 7 floor Student Center (SUBO) Club/Common Hour Tuesday and Thursday 12:15 pm and Thursday nights. The college home page will link you to a list of clubs. About a dozen clubs have club rooms in the WEB building attached to the computer room past the tennis courts, not to be confused with the West Quad Building. The Student Center can get you a club’s e-mail if you fill out a form and also check the Boylan flier room in the basement. There are about 100 events a week there and other places with free food, dancing, karaoke, speed dating, beauty contests…There is a television room in the basement and you can ask for the remote at the information room (coat room) where you can check your coat.
There are academic workshops from MS Word, Excel, to Photoshop. E-mails are sent out about them or a flier in the Learning Cafe. Anyone can join an intramural sport league. Hillel and the Student Center sometimes have a cafeteria open.
CLAS or generally day students do not pay for the gym and the pool.
The quietest study areas are the WEB computer Lab and the library basement and fourth floor. You can borrow a lap top computer. A meditative area is the lily pond. There is personal counseling at the Personal Counseling Department 0203 James Hall. They have workshops on test taking to study tips to anxiety and one on one sessions.
Before picking a course or a professor get in touch with a club about that major for a recommendation or to buy the book. There are about 140 clubs. There is an online list at the college home page or a printed one on the 3rd floor of SUBO. Many clubs are about majors or ethnic groups. There are many types of clubs from service clubs to Greek organizations (fraternities and sororities).
Lay Advocate is a free lawyer to advise but not represent students 139 Ingersoll Hall Extension. NYPIRG 0302 James Hall is an organization involved in political and community courses from lobbying to lower tuition bus fares to registering voters. Magner Career Center is the job center 1303 James Hall.

Social Services: The South Brooklyn Legal Services ( which helps low-income people with legal advocacy. The Brooklyn College Food Pantry has food for the needy at room 524 in the Student Center. The Health Clinic treats several medical conditions is at 114 Roosevelt Hall. The Health Programs office is at 0710 James Hall. Both health offices had many brochures on nutrition and a quiz. BC Personal Counselling is in 0203 James Hall. The Disability-Student Services is in 138 Roosevelt Hall.

Discounts: CUNY students get 10% at Modell’s, Applebees, Subway and Applebees. Discount coupons if you sign up online at Best Buy under Deals. There are many discounts from Ann Taylor, museums to travel such as Amtrak and buying textbooks using your college e-mail free shipping from Amazon if it says full filled by Amazon. Green parrots nest in the stadium lights by the ball field. Emergency Hot Line 718.951.5444. Most phone numbers start with the exchange (718) 951.

NYU Dental is one of the best and the hospital is one of the top hospitals in the city according to US and World reports survey. They take no insurance except maybe Medicaid and active students can buy a yearly plan for about $180 for the basics. All the top dentists come from the teaching colleges. The others are Columbia Presbyterian in upper Manhattan and Stonybrook in Long Island. The students near graduation work on you with the teacher checking in. Some were dentists in other countries and getting re-certified. It is about 2/3’s woman and after they get married they give it up. For most dental work there is no difference from a private one. Some private dentists work on a few patients at once and are looking to sell you items you do not need. A college is less likely to teach unnecessary items. They once had a $20,000 camera in my mouth that they said no dentist could afford because they use it so little. If you do something like root canal it will take longer and many visits. You can pay 10% more for a graduate student. There are about 10 floors so they could send you for a free consultation on another floor right away.  There is a brochure in the Health Clinic in 114 Roosevelt Hall.

Parade tips: Consider wearing a reflective vest so you won’t be walked into by the crowds. You will get bumped anyway and take it in stride and it is not worth getting into a big argument over. There may be too many people in one area and there not looking where they walk. You may lose friends in the crowd your with, so have a place to meet if lost. Some bring a chair or box to see over the crowd. At the finish line is a good spot to take photos and get other groups in the parade to take photos with other groups. Another good spot is 6th Ave and Houston St. It is a wide intersection and there are benches to stand on near the park. After Houston Street going north, it gets very crowded.



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