Book rental sites

Top book rental sites: Instead of buying a new or used book consider renting one. Some can rent textbooks from their college bookstore or online, with orders shipped to their college bookstore for pickup. Websites and companies that do rentals are,,,,,,, It has been said if you use your BC e-mail account you get a discount (even though I have never experienced it). Once you buy the book many companies will let you read it on line online till it is received so no need for fast shipping fees. Many students told me of Chegg which permits “reasonable highlighting” in books but doesn’t permit writing in them. The company offers a 21 day money-back guarantee for any reason according to Wikipedia. Chegg has an arrangement with American Forests’ Global Releaf Program such that every book rented or sold means that one tree is planted. The firm claims that over five million trees have been planted. It has an A+ from the BBB.


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