Legal advice

ActionNYC is for every immigrant New Yorker. It offers free, safe immigration legal help in your community and in your language. Learn more about your immigration options today.
To make an appointment, call 1-800-354-0365 between 9AM-6PM, Monday – Friday or call 311 and say “ActionNYC.”

The Legal Aid Society (212) 577-3300, (718) 722-3100, employment law branch 888-663-6880 Tuesday to Thursday 9:30 am to 12:30pm it is a publicly supported network of lawyers that provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford a private attorney. Google it for the one nearest you. It is not a top lawyer.

Legal Referral Service – 212-626-7373 have top lawyers working at a discount. It is like $50 for the first consultation. The meetings after they charge their fee and generally lawyers average maybe $250 an hour and the best are $800.

Brooklyn Legal Services (917) 661-4500

Kingsborough Community College (718) 368-3100, x5411

There is also the NY Bar Association and Brooklyn Bar Association that have lawyers work at a discount. It is like $40 for the first consultation. The meetings after they charge their fee and generally lawyers average maybe $250 an hour. has lawyers vote on each other anonymous. Still there is a preference for a white and male. They do not know all lawyers so may vote for those that publish the most. Top lawyers are $800 an hour. You might want a firm that has many of them with a cheaper lawyer and they might help him.

NY Bar Association, (212) 382-6696, 42 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036.

Brooklyn Bar Association (718) 624-0843, 123 Remsen Street, Brooklyn.

Probably all courts have a free lawyer to the public and some have legal libraries. Also there are many agencies that will help for free such as Legal Aid, colleges, or ask your politician.

To check out a lawyer working in Manhattan if they ever had any disciplinary action for their actions with the courts, contact the NY Court System,, (212) 428-2800. Appellate Division (212) 401-0800
Public Records are at Character and Fitness on public disciplines (646) 386-5895
To file a complaint go to Department Disciplinary Board (212) 401-0800 (DBC),
61 Broadway, 2nd floor, N.Y.
Grievances a lawyer won are private and not accessible to the public. sells templates for contracts and wills. See BBB and Consumer Affairs reviews.

To complain about the Insurance for Marketplace:
Community Health Advocates, Community Service Society of New York, 633 Third Ave, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10017, Phone (212) 614-5481, Fax (212) 614-5439
The Department of Insurance. 
Attorney General’s Health Care Bureau, 1-800-428-9071,
They really mostly focus on fraud issues with insurance companies, and not the actions of government agencies, but they are very responsive.
If you post a complaint publicly on Facebook (, usually someone from NY State of Health will reach out to help them resolve the issue.


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