Study tips

There are study workshops in Brooklyn College from the Personal Counseling Department 0203 James Hall or call 718-951-5363.  Some of the other tips I have hear din surveys. Half of what you learn we forget in 2 days. Taking notes is vital and being able to read them. They trigger another memory. Ideally would be to read the text book before the class. As you read under line keywords. Have your own short abbreviations like V for look up the vocabulary word. Depending on the class, definitions are on many tests. Rewrite your book and class notes. When you write abbreviations your mind stops the rhythm when you are reading and it recoils. Consider using different color ink so you remember the color. Make acronyms of examples of maybe a three part definition. An acronyms is U.S.A.
For a test keep cutting down your notes to index cards so you can study waiting for a bus or on lines etc…
Rewriting notes has advantage in the visualization process. Rewrite your notes in your own words with new examples. The more time on a job the better it is to remember it. The items you know well study less.
Studying right before bed helps you remember.
Get a good night’s sleep as sleep may have eight hours to have that image in your mind. Also so you’re not falling asleep on a test due to cramming.
Many cannot study at home because there are many distractions like tv, pets, food, phone… Some have gone to noisy bus terminals and all the noise they focus out. Music in the background has never been shown to improve memory but distract. We do not multitask fully. Try a quiet place.
The same test questions will get boring so find new ones in the book or get a class study group up. With it you study at least once more than regularly and many study before the group meeting.
There are tutors in the Learning Center in Boylan Hall and computer tutors in the WEB Building.
Citing your work and study tips: In the library near the information desk is a sheet in the magazine rack on how to cite your work and also if you ask in the Learning Center in Boylan Hall there is a more comprehensive sheet. Some times there is a Refworks workshop in the library.



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