This is no longer active. There were to many logistic problems setting up on Kingsborough Community College as we do not go there. If we get more staff there maybe it will be reconsidered. there are not many hangouts there. A main problem was there is only one official bulletin board there. The classrooms have none. This prohibits clubs forming and being promoted. The events are rarely posted anymore. If more students got involved we may try again. Map

To those who have never been there the campus has a beach, a pier, tiny aquarium. The Urban farm is between T1 and T2. KCC Student Help Desk L106, L107, M200, M224.CUNY FIRST TUTORIALS
CLUBS EVENTS SOON. To Clubs send a flier animated or PDF or other form easy to upload to the blog helps get it posted.
Campus Map
To KCC students, most Brooklyn College events we list you can go to. Most events are in the Student Center (SUBO) if no location given. The Brooklyn College (BC) Library Cafe is open till about 11 pm Monday to Thursday to CUNY students and Friday’s till 4:45 pm and Saturday and Sunday till 5:45 pm except finals which end Friday 5/23.
If you want to get our latest postings from this blog hit follow on the bottom right.

Teacher evaluations may be on CunyFirst.


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