This site promotes the clubs, news making students and staff and an opportunity for students to get recognition and be heard. Everyone has joy the first time they are in a newspaper or other media. Students can get resume experience writing, photographing, editing and lay out.

To see events, scroll down on the home page, below these folder tab headings.

Most Brooklyn College events are in the Student Center (SUBO) unless noted and free with a BC ID. All events are in Brooklyn unless noted. Generally there are postings of events on this blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

This blog averages between 4 to 8K viewers annually. All events are in Brooklyn unless noted and most are free. If it seems to good maybe it was a misprint we read , so check with the venue.  We are just passing on what is listed.  Many are bars so check if under age. Brooklyn College events are for Brooklyn College students with a validated ID. Some a CUNY ID, alumni ID will do and some visitors are welcome. Blog founder and Editor of the On Campus Magazine Bruce brought the Excelsior Newspaper back as it was defunct for a while and has written many times for the Kingsman. He had a petition of 1600 students that got more library hours. He got Photoshop added to the curriculum and more tutors. He represented all 3 student governments on the Campus Planning Committee with faculty. The committee’s recommendation to paint classrooms got a round of applause from the Faculty Council that implemented it. He took a 911 Memorial photo over 2 million have seen. It is in the Smithsonian Digital Archives, 42nd Street public library archives and George Mason University. It was hundreds of Brooklyn College students holding hands and singing. It was published in the Kingsman.

Bruce was term limited out of Campus Magazine and this blog spun off from it.


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