Apartment hunting/living

Apartment Lottery http://www.impacctbk.org.

Apartment living tips at the bottom. 

Apartment hunting tips (mainly for Sheepshead Bay/ Midwood area). Before you look you’ll need references, credit reports and consider having a garage sale or using someone else’s and give them a commission if you can trust them.

Websites (in the classified section, get them as soon as their printed or online): Craigslist.com, NY Times (try nytimes.com, listings, classifieds and real estate, click to rent.), JewishPress.com (it is not only for Jewish people), BrooklynPaper.com (Courier Life), Irish Echo. Nybits.com, Zillow.com, Tablet.org, Apartmentlist.com, Weeklylink.com.

Free on street corners newsstands boxes: The Link, Torah Times.

Management companies charge no commission. Pricier: kingsqueensapts.com

Community service centers like YMCA types, JCH: http://middev.org/contact/

Try mailmen, garbage men, bulletin boards, for rent signs in windows. Consider offering a commission.

Brokers (they forget you if you don’t keep reminding them):

Westminster Properties: Glenwood Ave, (917) 714-6803.

Joseph Realty

Filmore, 2111 Ave U, (718) 332-8800.

Filmore East Ave J (718) 253-9600

Century 21, 3034 Nostrand Avenue (718) 252-6060

Caldwell Labarca 3005 Ave M, (718) 258-1222

Madison Estates, 2922 Ave R, (718) 645-1665

Hunt Realtor 3009 Quentin Road (718) 627-1500

Atlantic Properties 2721 Ave U (718) 743-1414

Heino Realty 2401 Ave U (718) 368-9176

Hugawell Realty (718) 769-4448

Brooklyn College portal

Brooklyn College Housing office 2900 Bedford Avenue, 219 Student Center.  718.875.1190, 718.951.5000 ext. 6534 or 6533, AAuguste@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Bias Realty (917) 805-6335

To distribute fliers you might try to get a school administrator and have them handle it or having a company that does it. For 3,000 would only cost about $250 with the fliers and pay wages and save on a broker fee.  It is illegal to put it in mailbox so roll it up and put it in the fence and save walking up the steps.

When moving check out posters for cheap movers. One had no address so they could drive away with your items or if damaged there is no one to sue.  You can rent a U-Haul for as low as $20 plus a few dollars in gas and insurance if you need it.

Have a list of where items in new places so you don’t have to look all over when you move. Label everything in all boxes, suitcases or laundry bags which I find is the easiest to carry. Easier is to use clear bags. Cheap at 99 cent store at Nostrand and V. Big recyclable ones at York Hardware Kings Highway and 18 St.

The Department of Housing may list building violations and you can see if it is a legal basement or apartment.

Apartment living tips: If you are living in a private house verse an apartment house you have less protections. A big advantage is you do not have noise on 6 sides (4 sides and above and below) you and may have none if it is an unattached house and in the basement and the floor above you is seldom used late night such as a formal dining room or living room or if you are on a top floor apartment there is no noise above you where most of it comes from.

If you complain of the noise make sure you are not noisy or you will not be listened to. If you come home late and make a bit of noise consider double carpeting or acoustic tiling. If you get out of a high bed a lot late night, consider putting a pillow or bag full of laundry to step onto to muffle the noise.

Apartment houses are under rent stabilization and raises are regulated by the city. In a private house when your lease is up, they can raise the rent to whatever they want to get you to leave. If there are minor violations to the lease sometimes it pays to overlook them as the relationship is more important. You have to see you landlord daily and it pays to get along with them and neighbors. Many live for way below the market value as it is harder to raise the rent from a friend, but easier to harass then an absent landlord you may never meet and they know you better.