Tips for the San Genarro and parades

In these crowds, your feet may not touch the floor as the crowd moves you back and forth.

There are few bathrooms. Try to find out where they are before you go to the event. In New Orleans’ Mardi Gras there are songs about no bathrooms. They held up the parade with the Grand Marshall when Bob Hope had to use a bathroom.  There is a Port-A-Potty at Spring Street near the park off Mulberry St. Anticipate being walked into in these crowded events. Don’t over react and get into fights. There are too many people in one area like in a subway and you have to accept it. Some will short stop or use a phone at an intersection and blocks others behind them. You may want to wear a reflective vest so people see you and may not walk into me. If you are with a group you may get lost. Have a backup plan wear to meet at certain times if broken up.

I would not bring a bike, dog or kids in a double baby carriage and try to drag them through the crowds. At San Genarro Festival, after you went through the crowds and want to return to the other end faster, walk on the sidewalk and not in the gutter where the food stands are. The crowds are near the corners. For a spot to eat, the sidewalks may be the quietest spots.