CUNYfirst/Blackboard help

To see a Schedule of Courses go to The Web Central is for your schedule. CunyFirst is to register at, pay bills and more. is to get to Blackboard.
Blackboard help

CUNYfirst steps for Brooklyn College below: If all this help fails visit the Academic Advisement Center Website: (site is not working, let us know if you find the correct one) or call the Registration Help Center at (718) 951-5280.
For help at Kingsborough Community College: video: and website,
Our commentary: For Registration help go to the West Quad lobby table. Possibly computer tutors can help in the WEB after 4 pm or in the Learning Center. There are advisors in departments. If a professor is not listed for the class it is probably a new professor. If hours are not listed it may be an online class.
If unsure of the class write the professor to describe the workload or send the syllabus. Check them out on and teacher evaluations (see our top tab).
There may be are problems if a course you took in the past has been changed numbers. If you need permission to get in the class try the professor, than the department advisor and then the Chairperson. The password expires about every few months.

Logging in to CUNYfirst for the first time can seem tricky. Before you can log in, you must claim your Account. To make the process go smoothly, please view the log in instructions and video about CLAIMING YOUR CUNYfirstaccount. Go slowly when you are logging in and follow the instructions exactly.

Tips on claiming your CUNYfirst account:
Use correct capitalization for only the first letter of your First Name and Last Name.
Be sure to use any punctuation marks you may have in your name such as: O’connor.
Date of birth should be entered in mm/dd/yyyy format including the slash symbols, e.g. 11/30/1978.
Use your social security number. If you do not have an SSN or did not enter it on the admissions application, use the Student ID number CUNY gave you at the time of your admission.
If you are not certain of the information requested, please go to the Enrollment services Center. At KCC it is room C107, with valid photo ID.
About Your EMPL ID
After you activate your account you will see a screen with your CUNYfirst USERNAME and EMPL ID.
The Username will be your firstname.lastname followed by the last 2-digits of your EMPL ID.
The EMPL ID is the number you will use to identify yourself and conduct business with the College.

Tips on logging into your account:
For KCC use the internet browser, Mozilla Firefox.
Do not forget to include the period mark in between your first name and your last name.
If you get an error message when you log in, you need to re-enter all data – name, date of birth and social security number – not just the error field.

This sheet of steps below is available outside 507 Whitehead on the paper rack in the lobby and prepared by the Academic Advisement Center for Kingsborough Community College: but adapted for Brooklyn College and distributed by the Department of Finance and Business.

Logging in to CUNYfirst:
1) A direct way to avoid the steps might be go to go to Quick links (upper right) and click on CUNYfirst Portal. Be sure not to click on CUNY Portal, as that will take you to the page where you can access your Blackboard, not CUNYfirst.
2) If you have not claimed your account, or have forgotten your username and password, you can do so by clicking “First TIme User.” Otherwise, enter your CUNYfirst username and password.
3) Once you are logged in, click on HR/Campus Solutions.
4) Click on Self Service.
5) Click on Student Center.
Once you’re in Click on Student Center, you will be able to access information about holds you may have that prevent you from registering, how much your tuition is, what classes you are currently enrolled in, and after what date you can begin to register for classes.
Searching for classes:
1) In the Student Center, click on Search, located under the academics tab.
2) Make sure the institution is Brooklyn College, and the term is the semester you are trying to register for. Remember winter is considered part of the Fall semester, and the Summer is considered part of the Spring semester.
3) Select the subject of the class you are looking for, and type the course number in the box marked Course Number.
4) CUNYfirst will return a list of all the open sections of that class. When you find your section, click on it to view more information.
5) You can see how many seats are left in the class. You can see if it is a Writing Intense section or if it is reserved for students in a special program such as Opening Doors, ASAP or Integrative Studies of the Honor Program. If the section is part of special program and you are not in that program, CUNYfirst will not allow you to register for that section, and you will need to choose another section.
6) Once you have selected the section you would like, write down the 5 digit number. You will need to register for that section.

Registering for Classes:
1) Return to the Student Center.
2) Click on enroll.
3) In the box marked “add to the cart, type in the 5 digit number for the course you want to register for, and click enter.
4) Review the information on the next screen to make sure you are trying to add the correct class, and click Next. This will add the class to the Shopping Cart. You are not done registering! Putting a class in the shopping cart does not register for you for it, nor does it hold a seat in the class. You must confirm enrollment to secure your seat.
5) Once all the courses you want to register for are in the Shopping Cart, click on Proceed to step 2 of 3.
6) Confirm that all classes in your Shopping Cart are ones you want to register for and click Finish Enrolling.
7) At this point you should either get a message telling you that you have successfully enrolled in the class, or an error message telling you that you cannot register for that class. The reasons could be it is closed, so you must register for another section, or it is part of a special program or it has a prerequisite which you have to taken. If you taken the prerequisite, call the Registration Help Center at (718) 951-5280.
Our commentary: There may be are problems if a course you took in the past has been changed numbers. If you need permission to get in the class try the professor, than the department advisor and then the Chairperson. If you need any additional information visit the Academic Advisement Center Website: http://www.brooklyn.cuny.du/webcaass.php
The password expires about every few months.


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