Monday Night and Tuesday Events, Trivia

In the next few days will be my interview with a WW2 Veteran age 94 who had signiicant contributions to the war.
Trivia: How long did it take to extinguish all the flames from the 9/11 attacks on Ground Zero?
3 days, 17 days, 100 days, 274 days? Answer in a few lines.
The only plane allowed to fly on 9/11 after the attacks was a plane from San Diego to Miami delivering anti-venom to a man bitten by a highly poisonous snake. It was accompanied by two jet fighters.
It took firefighters 100 days to extinguish all the fires ignited by the attacks in New York. For months, acrid clouds of smoke from the site could be smelled several miles away in Brooklyn and upper Manhattan. The fires, fueled by documents and office furniture, had been so strong they needed a near-constant jet of water sprayed on them. It took until May of the following year to clean up the 1.8 tons of debris left at Ground Zero from the attacks on September 11th. The cost of cleaning up the debris was estimated as $750 million. (A view was the water would add to weight and possible recovery of survivors).

All events are in Brooklyn unless noted and most are free. Most Brooklyn College events are in the Student Center (SUBO) unless noted. Almost all club events are open to all BC students in their area such as CLAS, SGS, GSO as designated on their ID. For example, an ethnic named club or club with associated with a major anyone can attend. Monday, Sept. 11: Franklin Park Reading Series, 8 pm. A special Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event featuring groundbreaking authors Jenny Zhang, Melissa Febos, Chelsea Martin, Dina Nayeri, and Elizabeth Ellen. Franklin Park, 618 St. Johns Pl. between Classon and Franklin Avenues.

Tuesday, Sep 12: Hurricane Harvey Bake Sale Fundraiser for Global Giving Charity, 12:30-2:15 pm. Whitehead Breezeway with the Graduate Speech-Language-Hearing Organization.

Ice Cream Social, 12-2:30 pm. Occidental Lounge (5th floor), Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Ballroom Dance Society Club Meetings, 12:15-2:15 pm, 240 West Quad and Thursdays except 9/21. PHE 2017-18 Health Educator Information Session 2, 12:30-2 pm. New Ingersoll Lobby Table.

Sigma Lamda Beta Informational, 6:15-7:15 pm, Amersfort Lounge (2nd floor). IDNYC, 10 am-6 pm TV Room and Wednesday. Veteran’s Community Orientation, 12:15-2:15 pm, State Room. College Survival Guide, 12:15-2:15 pm, Glenwood Lounnge, BSU. Ice Cream Social, 12:30-2 pm, Hillel. Sister Speed Dating (it maybe private so just ask (7-10 pm, Marooney Room, Gamma Beta Delta.

Wednesday, Sep 13: Kappa Phi Chi Back to School Bake Sale, 5-7 pm, Whitehead Breezeway.
Raw Brooklyn, 7 pm, 21+, $30 ($22 in advance). A creative explosion of film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hair styling, makeup artistry, photography, accessories and more. Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 165 Banker St. at Norman Avenue. NPC Preference Night, 5-7 pm, Alumni Room.


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