Job openings, tips on how to buy a phone.

Job openings: The summer is the hardest time to find a job. All students are looking and many just graduated. There may be some seasonal work.

A big half block long Kosher deli is opening in Sheepshead Bay. The store is closed but has a sign it is hiring and to come in. It looks like a gourmet deli on Ave U and East 27 Street.  It is near the Nostrand Ave B44 bus and 11 blocks from the Q subway at 16 Street.

Tips on how to buy a phone. Here is my formula of researching buying your first Smart Phone. I had a dumb phone, I had to put coins in it.Unlocked phones are more flexible as they typically can be used on any carrier which supports that particular frequency (GSM phones vs. CDMA phones). Here is an article describing the difference:,2817,2407896,00.asp

First check Consumer Reports which has an edition out every February. Decide what features you will need. Go on a chat site like B and H Audio for a specialist. Students after they register get 10% off but it has to be related to their major.  Go to a store that allows browsing and has the phones chained up so that you can see if you like the fit in your hand and ease of use. I believe Band H has representatives from the brands there to show you the feature. There is no pressure to buy as they do not even know if you will as it is a department store setting. Some phone cases claim to be radiation proof from the phone.

Many don’t get new phones because it could be hard transferring material. The carrier store could do it for you but many do not trust them with their information. All probably send an extended warranty. Depending on the device it may not pay as it won’t break the first year. Check the repair records in Consumer Reports or ask in a repair shop. On the Dr. Oz Show it recommended you keep the phone 2 inches away from you and to wear headphones due to possibbe radiation leakage.


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