Predictions, trivia, Ron Kuby canned

Trump Prediction: I had predicted he would not run after early in the primaries.  I have predicted from the start that Trump will not finish his term. The pressure of the press will get to him. Soon his agenda of items to do are over. If he loses 2 senators he loses the house. At some point he may be the most hated person in the world and his ego will not take that. He avoided a debate due to tough questions or ganging up. He wants to limit White House press conferences.  The staff has to prepare for Sunday talk shows and when he is on Twitter on a Saturday controversy they don’t get a day off. There will be a big turnover which is starting now.

Basketball Prediction: Golden State in 6. The stars will score in Lebron and KD. Vital is for Curry and Irving to score along with role players.

Trivia: What was the original name of Memorial Day in the United States?

Dedication Day, Remembrance Day, Decoration Day, Reconciliation Day?

The average person spends 6 years of their life dreaming.

Answer: Decoration Day is the former name of Memorial Day in the United States. Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War. The preferred name for the holiday gradually changed from “Decoration Day” to “Memorial Day”, which was first used in 1882. It did not become more common until after World War II, and was not declared the official name by Federal law until 1967. Memorial Day endures as a holiday which most businesses observe because it marks the unofficial beginning of summer.
What was the first fully computer animated feature film?
The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid?

Atheism is punished with the death penalty in 13 countries.

Answer: Alabama didn’t lift its ban on interracial marriage until 2000.
The first fully computer animated feature film was Pixar’s Toy Story released in 1995. It was Pixar’s first feature film as well as the first ever feature film to be made entirely with Computer Generated Imagery. Pixar, which produced short animated films to promote their computers, was approached by Disney to produce a computer-animated feature film. Released in theaters on November 22, 1995, Toy Story was the highest-grossing film on its opening weekend and earned over $373 million worldwide.

Ron Kuby canned from the Curtis and Kuby Radio Show. I thought this was the best radio show. Both hosts are funny and extremely street wise.





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