Improvements in Brooklyn College, BC in the News


Photos at the Junction Function run by the Riverrun Magazine. Also the English Major’s Open Mic were in the Student Center’s International Room from 6 to 9 pm.    Top rated professor and adviser is Roni Natov in the middle holding up the magazine. The second photo is their best funny faces.


The gym hours were cut by 7 hours a week. Sunday it is open only 3 ½ hours which will not help get new members. The Athletic’s Department’s budget may have gotten an increase. Many wrote to Athletic Director Filosa and President Anderson and after a few weeks, 2 hours were returned.

There is a terrible need for more janitors.  President Anderson will hire more next year. It is unsure if that is calendar year or fiscal year which starts July 1.

Cars raced once they made the turn past the college theater being built and onto Campus Road and passed SUBO. A speed bump like extension curve, was put there and a big flower pot.

A mural is being painted opposite target on Nostrand Ave by Midwood High School students group called Ground Swell Murals.

BC in the News:

BC Grad 2017: Cheyanne Clarke ’17 Turned Adversity Into Achievement

The Peace Corps: It Changed Our Lives

Ginsberg’s literary passion comes through new book of lectures

5 Things You Didn’t Know About James Franco

BC Women’s Soccer and Basketball Members Awarded National Academic Awards

in The Excelsior.

The Campus Rape Frenzy. KC Johnson joins Seth Barron to discuss sexual assault and college … He is a professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate … in the City Journal.





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