Tuesday and Wednesday events around NY, study tips on top tab

I have a Letter to the Editor in the Excelsior Newspaper now, check under Opinions.

There are almost no events on the college for finals and the summer but keep checking in, we don’t want to lose you.  All events listed are in Brooklyn unless noted and most are free. Many off campus events are bars so check if under age. If you can’t drink you might be able to eat there.

The Library Cafe has a rotating sign where you get a computer card. It revolves too fast that you have to run to see one of the 4 sides unless your head swivels like an owl. They list items broken such as the color printer out. It would repeat on 1 of the 4 sides but more keep breaking.

Tuesday, May 23: Mad. Sq. Eats, $5+, 11 am, Worth Square, Manhattan which is the park in the street on 5th Ave and Broadway by 25 Street touching Madison Square Park. The twice-a-year, month-long event bringing 20 food vendors to the area, try jiangbing, the Beijing-style crepes from 2016 Vendy Awards Rookie of the Year Mr. Bing; the meat- and veg-stuffed creations of a former Bark Hot Dogs honcho at Make Sandwich; and the salteñas from Bolivian Llama Party, which are sort of like empanadas. The pop-up market runs daily through June 9.

Redesigning Citizenship, 6-9 pm, $10. As part of NYCxDesign, panelists and audience members will co-create a design strategy for the 21st-century citizen. Visitors can bring an object that represents their citizenship and to tell a story about it in the storytelling booth. Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, 630 Flushing Ave., Suite 704, between Marcy and Tompkins Avenues.

Wednesday, May 24: Health Fair, 4-6 pm, come learn all about what you can do to prevent skin cancer and promote healthy skin – get a spot check by dermatology professionals, skincare product samples and snacks and refreshments. SUNY Downton Medical Center at Bay Ridge, 9036 Seventh Ave. at 90th Street.

Fight the Feed, 8 pm, $10. A live comedy news show that tries to provide real answers to fake news. With host John Hague and a panel of comedians and policy experts. Legion Bar, 790 Metropolitan Ave. at Humboldt Street.

Courier Life article on the five new eateries restaurants by the Coney Island Ford Amphitheater. Kitchen 21 [3052 West 21st Street in Coney Island, Behind the restaurant sits Amphitheater




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