Monday events and Self-Defense tips

Sterilization of Puerto Rican Women

All events are in Brooklyn unless noted and most are free. Most Brooklyn College events are in the Student Center (SUBO) unless noted.

Monday, May 8th: Cinco de Mayo Dinner, 6-10 pm, Bedford Lounge (2nd floor). Discussion, dinner and performances with the Mexican Heritage Student Association. BC Hire Tutorial Event, 5-6:30 pm, State Lounge (5th floor), 6-10 pm, Marketing Society. Tools designed for BC students to find employment. The tutorial will include how to get your resume approved and uploaded, how to build your profile, how to filter a search to get just what you are looking for and how to set up e-mail correspondence so you can be forwarded results that match your search without even logging on. SPARK Mentor Networking Night, Occidental Lounge (5th floor), 6-10 pm, Students Partnering and Reaching Kids. Sterilization of Puerto Rican Women, 1-2 pm, Amersfort Lounge (2nd floor).
Tuesday, May 9: Student Government event on the West Quad, 12:15 pm.

If your defensive take Self-Defense. This is for the many (cough cough) that wanted to see my article that was in the Excelsior Newspaper a few weeks ago titled BC Holds Anti-Violence Education Self Defense Workshop. What was cut due to space or whatever was that the Self-Defense Workshop could save your life. No reporters were hurt in making this article. There were tips on replying with matching one’s volume and then stepping it down or unconscious mirroring, starting statements with I but sometimes saying we and body language.

In another type of self-defense workshop I took, it was recommended that if a weapon is pulled on you to give up your property. Property can always be replaced but body parts cannot. If that is your plan, my view is be ready to do that by having money and cell phone ready to give up and no fumbling looking for it. Cell phones are big items stolen. They are sold for parts and even if you end the number it is good in other countries. Have an old phone that is useless to you ready to give them.

The Center for Anti-Violence Education is in Park Slope and had useful literature of tips and sells 5 class programs. Sometimes there are free workshops listed on their site. Brooklyn College usually has martial arts clubs. For details ask at room 302 in the Student Center. Sometimes Central Park has a few martial arts clubs in it, check with the information center at the Dairy or the Castle.  Due to the skills learned, no one got mugged during the workshop. The Excelsior article:

Another company: 5 sensible self-defense tips for women returning to college campuses on the Today Show Video: 



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