how to register, and see professor ratings made easy

If you do not know your registration date, call the registrar.

To find courses, hours, professors go to

Go to Current Students top tab, course schedules and bulletins, click on the semester.

For descriptions, prerequisites on the same site click on bulletin.

For teacher evaluations go to which gives commentary. For the college ratings by students  go to the log into your BC WebCentral portal account,

hover your mouse over the Academics tab,

In the drop down menu, click on “BC Feedback Reports”,

then the BC Feedback Reports page will be displayed,

click on the Access BC Feedback Reports button,

new tab/window will appear whose page title is “Student Evaluations of the Faculty”,

make your selections in this page and then click Submit button.

You can get a recommendation of professors from a club, other professors, department advisement or department office staff.

Check if courses are regularly offered. Many have to wait to graduate because their last semesters the course needed is not offered or not enough sections for the need. 

To register, Log into your BC WebCentral portal account, Launch CUNYFirst tab, go to Student Center. Plan, Search or Enroll with the code number. If undecided then leave it in shopping cart. It can also give you the description and prerequisites.

If you cannot get in a class, get on a wait list or ask the department for an over tally.


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