Tuesday and Wednesday events at Brooklyn College and beyond, Wednesday was updated.

All events are in Brooklyn unless noted and most are free. Most Brooklyn College events are in the Student Center (SUBO) unless noted. Almost all club events are open to all BC students in their area such as CLAS, SGS, GSO as designated on their ID. For example, an ethnic named club or club with asso-ciated with a major anyone can attend. Many are bars so check if under age. Many are bars so check if under age. If you can’t drink you might be able to eat there.

Tuesday, May 2:  Health Fair, 11 am-3 pm, East Quad. Israel Independence Day Celebration, 12:15-2 pm, Hillel Place opposite the new theater (between Kenilworth Pl. & Campus Road). Greek Talent Showcase, 6-10 pm, Occidental Lounge (5th floor).
Woman’s Center Self Care, 12:15pm, learn holistic techniques, 227 New Ingersoll and refreshments. Sophomore Academy Launch Event, 11 am-3pm, Maroon Room. KCC Language Study Group, 12-2 Penthouse. Princeton Review, 12:30-4 pm, Whitehead lobby table. Japan/US Protest Music, 2:15-3:30pm, State Room. Greek 101, 7-10 pm, Jefferson-Williams Room.

Wednesday, May 3; Holding Space: Peer to Peer Conversations, 2-4 pm, International Room (5th floor), Graduate Student Organization, share concerns about maintaining a healthy school/life balance. To-gether they want to build a sense of empowerment and community to support one and future pro-fessionals for the world we live in. This time is meant for discussion, connection and decompressing. Sustainability Fair, 12-2 pm, second floor. Piece of the Middle East, 7 pm, Club Room, AEP. Peer to Peer Conversations, 2-4 pm, International Room GSO. Kappa Sigma End of Year Potluck, 4-7 pm, Amersfort Room.


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