Greek Awards, self defense article, eight-year-old girl found raised by monkeys, Don Rickles video


funny faces


Greek Awards night happened Thursday, April 6th in the Club Room of the Student Center. It was sponsored by Alpha Phi Epsilon Sorority whose president was awarded best president.


See my article on self-defense in the Excelsior. Here is some that did not make the article and this could save your life. No reporters were hurt in making this article.  There were tips on replying with matching one’s volume and then stepping it down or unconscious mirroring, starting statements with I but sometimes saying we and body language.

In another type of self-defense workshop I took, it was recommended that if a weapon is pulled on you to give up your property. Property can always be replaced but body parts cannot. If that is your plan, my view is be ready to do that by having money and cell phone ready to give up and no fumbling looking for it.  The Center for Anti-Violence Education is in Park Slope and had useful literature of tips and sells 5 class programs. There is another free workshop on their site. Brooklyn College usually has martial arts clubs. For details ask at room 302 in the Student Center. Sometimes Central Park has a few martial arts clubs in it, check with the information center at the Dairy or the Castle.  Due to the skills learned, no one got mugged during the workshop. Click on Excelsior.

Eight-year-old girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest

(they can’t take her from her mother, the ape)

Don Rickles dies, video.  The King of the Zing, 

Mr. Warmth, the Merchant of Venom,  MSNBC.

“Don’t Make Me Seem Too Nice”: Remembering the Late Don Rickles.



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