Brooklyn College student and alumni in the news and Wednesday events

President Trump’s speech to Congress now on live streaming 

We are proud to note that earlier this year music writer and M.A.-musicology 2017 at Brooklyn College candidate Liu Ye published her first book, Wo men de gang qin shi dai (Our Piano Era:  Dialogue with World Distinguished Pianists & Insights on Contemporary Piano Culture). The book includes: comparative study of piano performance/instruction methods, in-depth interviews with distinguished living pianists, the music critiques, research on music culture, along with guidance for study of music abroad.

BC Alumni Glenn Nocera head of the Tea Party was on Fox News 5 on Friday about President Trump.  It was then linked on Alex Jones’s and Matt Drudge’s site.

Trump supporters in New York City feel intimidated

From humble Bronx beginnings to the Noble Prize

Interview with Kenneth J. Arrow – Media Player at

Why Professors Object to Being Recorded

Trump should pity the poor PhD: Glenn Reynolds

A new trend is revolutionizing the music industry as songs and dances keep old music alive.

Resurrecting the Oldies: Modern-Day Musical Challenges

Wednesday, Mar 1: Ash Wednesday Mass to mark the first day of Lent, 12:30-2 pm, Penthouse in the Student Center of BC with the Newman Catholic Club.
Dadan 2017, 7:30 pm, daily till Saturday, $30–$60. Japanese percussion group Kobo performs a thunderous drum show at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, 30 Lafayette Ave. between Ashland Place and St. Felix Street.


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