Brooklyn College events this week you don’t want to miss

Welcome new students. See the college orientation tab above for discounts.Campus Walking Tour usually daily of a new semester at Brooklyn College, 222 West Quad Center, this week Wednesday,10-11 am, Thursday, 10 am and Friday 3 pm. To RSVP go to

Using a public computer try the incognito mode which is the 3 dots on the upper right of the screen so your history is not shown. Most Brooklyn College events are in the Student Center (SUBO) unless noted. Any student can go to dozens of club events. The only specification is being in your group, such as CLAS students go to CLAS clubs, the same for SGS and GSO. Look on your college ID to see what group you are in. Generally defined that day  students are in CLAS, SGS are night students. Some times a CLAS student takes a night class and SGS takes a day class but it is unclear the way they classify it.  GSO are graduate students. Many clubs will let any student in, but they do not have to.
Tuesday, Jan 31: Activities Fair: Close to a 100 clubs have tables trying to get new students to join. The Sweet Escape with free ice cream, 12:15-2:15 pm, Student Center.
Wednesday Feb 1, usually the fraternities and sororities have meetings on Wednesday nights in SUBO.
Thursday, Feb 2: First Global Medical Brigades’ Meeting, 12:30-2 pm, Alumni Lounge (4th floor).
Friday, Feb 3: The Table Tennis League, 1-430 pm,Club Room (basement of Student Center).


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