Inauguration comments, Rosie Perez and a group song

Rosie Perez at Inauguration Day ‘Concert For America’: ‘When You Are Born Into Poverty, You Need Help’ (great song) Some singers were Chita Rivera, Stephanie Mills,

She said if a Puerto Rican out of Bushwick can make it, you can make it.

Trump protest in NYC draws Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Bill de Blasio and more

Alec Baldwin channels Trump at rally

Alec Baldwin channels Trump at rally

The We Stand United protest drew Robert De Niro, Bill de Blasio, Rosie Perez and many other top-shelf speakers.

Protest photos in NY and other cities

CNN photos

Trump said on Day 1 he would end some items and did not. Now he says it will be Monday. The Democrats are slowing up the endorsing cabinet process so it will delay the Supreme Court nominee and the 100 day or less honeymoon will end quicker and Trump may lose some Republicans with his remarks at them. At the Congress luncheon he had Hillary Clinton take a bow. To unite he could have met with her or put a democrat in the cabinet. To get anything done he needs to get Democrats or independents as the Senate needs 60 votes, he has 52 Republicans and some could defect. He had under a majority of the popular vote and is going in as the lowest approval rating in years. In four battleground states Trump only won by a total of 77,000 votes.

If the public goes against him the house delegates will also. He needs other countries for any coalition as we did in the Iraq War, fly over rights, UN votes and embargos. His inaugural speech was not uniting for the Democrats and some Republicans.

Governor Christie may have been fired form the Transition Team as he did not raise money needed for the transition. Taking over the White House and administration Trump is very much under staffed. I one report is by over 6 workers. 60 or 80 from the Obama staff have been asked to stay till they are replaced.  His speech talked of inner city, crime, drugs and gangs but in the campaign he appealed to rural America. One report said he had 1/3 the crowd of Obama’s first inauguration.

He said Hire America and Buy America which his companies do not do. Trump said he would have ISIS obliterated off the earth which is unrealistic. Some thinks he takes extreme positions so he can negotiate and move to the middle. A good sign was he was talking to Schumer a lot at a luncheon.

Trump’s representative calling the press liars will not help him get fair reporting. The representative was off on the crowd and Metro attendance. The phrase is if you fight with the press they have barrels of ink. He talked of moving the press from the White House to near by limiting access in the halls. Most of the information gotten is not from official press conferences but by asking the representative informally.  He has shown the press off with the Russian hookers story, the MLK bust was not moved and went out to 3,000 media sources and that that the crowd photo had fences blocking the participants from filling the area as in other inaugurations.

I saw his son making funny faces or yelling and the mother scolding him. The mother sat near Ivonca and never said a word to her.


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