Brooklyn College computer room closings, student evaluation of faculty, jobs, humor, politics

Student evaluation of faculty ends Wednesday. The college is closed from this Friday till Tuesday. The 24 hour Library Café will be closed Thursday 7:45 pm till Tuesday 9 am. More closings the next week. The WEB is open Monday one staff told me but I would call (718) 951-5787). Even after finals students can hand in papers till the end of December based on their professor. Professors do not have to hand in their marks till January. Keeping it open takes no staff a security is in the lobby when staff isn’t.

Wednesday: Computer Music Showcase, 7-8 pm, Studio 312, Roosevelt Extension, Students of the Electroacoustic Music class perform new original works on electronic instruments.

Humor: Zsa Zsa Gabor just passed away at 99.  She may have been one of the first reality stars. She said if you break off an engagement, return the ring but not the stone. She said she does not cook, she can only be good at one room of the house. She said she is a good home keeper. She was married 9 times. After the divorce she keeps the home.

Jobs: Panda Express will open next to McDonald’s on Nostrand Avenue. They are hiring starting at $11.50 an hour.

Politics: A theory I heard on radio was that Russia hacked the Republicans also but did not use it. That may be for something in return later. In Bernie Sander’s state an Electoral College candidate changed his vote from Clinton to Sanders. The Electoral College is not going anywhere being it is in the constitution. To end it would take ¾ of the states. There is something that could be state by state. 29 states have delegates bound to the candidate the people voted for.


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