BC protest, Black Solidarity Day, Friday events at Brooklyn College and beyond


On Tuesday, Nov 15 at 5 pm, about 60 students protested the Trump election results on the Quad a Political Science Professor told me. At the Black Solidarity Day event there was a big turnout and many asking questions or making statements in the audience. Many talked of hard ships for race or sexual identity. NAACP’s President Shadiq Williams ran around the audience like a talk show host and let everyone talk and moved the event well. At the dais were 2 speakers, BC Professor Simone Kolysh and activist Jeffrey Almonte.

Black Solidarity Day was started at Brooklyn College in 1969, but has not been celebrated for years at BC.  Brooklyn College Black & Latino Male Initiative cosponsored the event with NAACP. Unfortunately I came in in the middle. I spoke and said that when someone is picked on for being a foreigner, I say that the average foreigner knows one more language than the average American.

Any BC student can go to any club event. (ex. CLAS  go to CLAS events). There are many ethnic clubs and when a stranger different from them comes in they get stares. The stranger could say if you go to the next club you are the stranger. (I could have added some laugh at someone wearing a big Caribbean hat or a Hasidic Jew wearing a big hat and there are more examples till one realizes one is laughing at what they also do that is different. Many are scared of strangers.  People are people. Lets make you and I , we.) At a Chinese take out I saw a lady ask for the Chinese green vegetable that looks like spinach. The cashier asked if they meant Bok Choy. They both called each other stupid. Each did not know the others vocabulary and culture. Pope John Paul said Peace through understanding.

All events are at the Student Center unless noted and free.

History: November 17, 1973: President Richard M. Nixon declared, “I’m not a crook,” on national television.

Friday, November 18, 2016: Crimson Overture-Rico Unleashed, 12-5 pm, Bedford Lounge (2nd floor). E-Sport Association, A Video Game Tournament for players for the game Super Smash Brothers 4, check times (718) 951-5712). November Potluck, 12-2 pm, Women’s Center, discuss issues at school or home that may affect students’ personal and educational goals. Share experiences with peers, discuss common problems and possible solutions, and meet others with similar experiences, 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension. Building Professional Relationships: Mentors and Networking, 12-1:30 pm, 1309 James Hall, register under the “Career” tab Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka, 2-4 pm, 7:30- 9:30 pm, Roosevelt Extension Theater (Room 307RE), Students $10, General Admission $12.

Off Campus: Brooklyn Job Corps Open House, 8:30 am, free vocational training in culinary arts, security, medical assistance, and networking to low-income students age 18-24, Brooklyn Job Corps, 585 DeKalb Ave. at Nostrand Ave.


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