student awareness

Since the election there have been attacks. The college has workshops about it.


I think everyone should take self-defense. It is good not just for defense but knowing how to avoid situations and to get away. Early on I turned down a job in a crime neighborhood. Later on I took a city job in a similar bad area. I worked 12 years in Harlem and 2 years in the south Bronx. I got off or on the train at midnight. Every year I had the choice of changing my hours or location but stayed. I was never in an incident. I looked a block ahead and never would walk past a gang. Others who did not, got mugged. I heard of a crime a week. At times there are free self-defense workshops on campus and mainly for women. There are 4 martial arts clubs. Each person is different and some may want to join one for kicking or chops or grappling based on their physique. I interviewed a few black belts.

Statistics show that woman who have fought back in rape have been let go.  If someone wants to do nothing when heckled or when asked for money gives it up, that may be in many cases appropriate, but they should have had it planned in advance for the top situations. They could have their money easy to get to and the mugger may take it and not want the ID or bag. Also may self-defense classes teach avoidance and how to quickly attack back just to escape if you feel you will be hurt. Any time a weapon is shown the advice is to give up the money as you replace property but not body parts.


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