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Election Stress Disorder on CBS news they list many activities such as yoga and videos of puppies and penguins, I could not find it but here is a general one on the disorder. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/11/08/are-suffering-from-election-stress-disorder.html

Symptoms 5 Signs You’re Suffering From Post-Election Stress Disorder (According to a Psychologist)


5 Signs You’re Suffering From Post-Election Stress Disorder (According …

By Jillian Kramer

Whether your candidate won or lost Nov. 8, one thing is certain: This election season was stressful, with a capi…


Satire: Trump was correct that the election was rigged, that is why he won. Trump was right that the poles were off.

Russia wants the sanctions on them removed and somehow may have hacked e-mails and happy Trump won. All the hacks went against Clinton. Gov. Christie may be appointed the head of bridges. Will he keep his campaign promises: jail Clinton. Will he nuke Rosie O’Donnell and Mexico?

Trump triumphs and winds the electoral vote 279 to Clinton’s 228. Clinton won the popular vote 59,611,678 to 59,814,018. There was about a 1% difference so the third and fourth party candidates few per centage points could have changed the results. Many states were very close.  There will always be some per centage for third parties. I call it the Howard Stern factor as he was near 20% till he dropped out of the governor’s race and Rose Perot did good for president years ago.

This is the lowest turnout since 2004. That hurt Clinton who lost white middle class Democrats. 5-7% pay no attention till the last week.  Clinton had her reception in the Javitz Center as a symbol because it had a glass ceiling. Trump had no political or military experience and Clinton may have had the most.

The Hispanic vote was up only 1%. Trump got 28% and got more than Romney got 4 years ago. Trump went against convention and it worked, campaigning in the rust states. Usually a political party sets strategy from the top and it goes down voting to the Senate, Congress races and below. This year a BC Political Science professor said they did it the opposite and the Republicans won the Presidency, Congress and Senate.    Clinton rescheduled her speech today a few times till finally delivering it Trump, Clinton and President Obama’s speech were all good for uniting the country. BC alumni Glenn Nocerra got 15% running for an Assembly seat. He knew he would not win but did not want the Republicans to not have a candidate. He is head of the Brooklyn Tea Party.

BC events posted in a few hours.


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