Monday Brooklyn College events, political minutia

All events are in the Student Center unless noted and most are free.

Monday, Nov 7: Showcase of Thesis Production and Production I Films, 6:30-10 pm, Student Film Society, W.E.B. Building, Film Department, 2nd Floor, Room. Dance Practice 8-10 pm,  Maroney-Leddy (4th floor). Taekwondo Weekly Meetings, 12:30-2:30 pm, 211 Roosevelt Hall.

Political Minutia: Curtis Sliwa said they should drop bread crumbs to catch the big whale (Chris Christie) the bully boy.

Election 2016: This should have been the easiest election since 1984.Voters think Clinton is a crook and Trump is a racist. Trump draws uneducated males which could be a chauvinist vote. The 2 Obama elections looked like the country overcame some racism.  Old slogans: Vote early and often. Bring the soles to the poles.

40 million have voted again. With the early voting in Afro-Americans are down in their numbers which Democrats count on. In North Carolina once early voting totals come in the political parties see who voted and know not to call or knock on those doors and save resources if they have the ground game. Poll obstacles hurt Afro-Americans as they want early voting. It helps avoid lines, they work and can’t vote and may need transportation. A church may have a bus for them. Mountain range states are 2 to 1 democratic.

Trump should be in the battleground states but his campaign manager Kelly Anne Conway a week ago said he goes with his instincts. For the last week he is spending 25 million in advertisement.  If Trump wins the battle ground states he may still have to turn a blue state to red. Purple Virginia is now blue.

Key battleground states are New Hampshire NH, Missouri MO,  Pennsylvania PA,  Wisconsin  WI, Michigan MI, North Carolina  NC and Florida FL. The North East is called the Blue Wall and Democratic. Florida will be very close and is in 2 time zones. It has many factions. The northern part (pan handle) is like the south and like Alabama and voting republic. The middle is like Chicago and split equally. The south is full of New Yorkers and New Jerseyites and Democratic. There are sub divisions like the Palm Coast and Gulf Coast. Jacksonville has many Afro-Americans. South Florida has seniors and about half the population are Hispanics. There are Hispanics from many counties. Half of Mexicans do not vote or they would have a greater impact.

Trump is impressed by drawing 20.000 at an arena when he should look at the 2 million voters in each state. If elections are rigged it is state by state. Most state have Republican governors. He won the primaries. It helped him getting winner take all in many states. He came up in what he called the rigged poles and he called the FBI crooked and it just helped him. The polling gets better toward the end as they spend more money, have a bigger sample and poll more undecideds.


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