from serious to satire, Saturday Night Live on the debates

First the satire, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open – SNL

VP Debate Cold Open – SNL

BC in the news: 
Liberal Jews teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses

New report in the US shows that Brooklyn College, Northwestern University and many schools in … -European Jewish Press

Study Explores What anti-Semitism on US College Campuses Is All About – Haaretz

When For-Profit Colleges Prey on Unsuspecting Students. Robert Cherry, a professor of economics at Brooklyn College,

City has scandalous bureaucrats overseeing its struggling schools

New York Post

Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center education professor David Bloomfield said the city must make better personnel decisions.

Major Watchdog Groups Cautiously Optimistic About Jewish, Pro-Israel Students’ Empowerment to …

titled “Hotspots of Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment on US Campuses,” was the revelation that Brooklyn College, Northwestern University and …

In Response to Brandeis Report on Campus Antisemitism, Major Groups Say Students More Willing, Prepared Than Ever to Fight Back



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