presidential politics you may have never heard

Wikileaks was denied the Internet which he expected. He had a dead man switch to automatically send them out if he could not. It was too big of a dump so he has access back.

Donald Trump knocks NATO countries from paying their dues. Actually it is very few countries. The only time NATO has acted was to help the US after 911. 1,000 troops helped worth a trillion dollars.

When Hillary Clinton left the White House as First Lady she took $100,000 in furniture and got billed for it. According to Sean Hannity furniture was taken when she left the State Department. The Curtis Sliwa said they got a bill for $28,000.

There is so many WikiLeaks e-mails the big source is Sean Hannity who covers it the most but has an agenda. He has said the following. Clinton behind the scenes said she would cut Social Security and Medicare. She told Wall Street she backs them and does not like the Everyday Man America. (Some conservative radio hosts misquote it and do not say it is a phrase). A claim is Hillary wanted a drone to take out Wikileaks.  Trump’s campaign manager Kelly Anne Conway says 86% of donations from working journalists are for democrats.  Women did not get equal pay in her foundation in her foundation.

On Hannity he had a reporter like undercover investigation member I think on Fox linking Clinton with agitating trouble at Rump rallies. There were 8 actors and it lasted a year. James O’keeffe’s Project Veritas under cover video




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