Why do millennials vote very little?Presidential debate blow by blow points.

Why do millennials vote very little?

Some possible reasons are they take the vote for granted. Afro-Americans died to register and get the vote. They got the vote in 1870 but were threatened registering and voting. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 eliminated tests, fees and other unfair obstacles and allowed the majority of blacks in the South to register to vote. Woman did not get the vote till 1920.  There is no draft for a war so millennials they do not see the danger. Millennials may be disillusioned and feel it is crooked. The Bush Gore election recount went through the courts and recounts of hanging chads and to the Supreme Court that is not something one could plan. NYPIRG has a flier with all the big elections decided by one percentage. When you go to a politician to help you they will look up if you voted. If you did there is a chance you will vote for them. Your vote may not decide an election but your vote is needed as your candidate needs a mandate to get support for their bills. The deadline to register is October 19. NYPIRG probably has the form in 0302 James Hall, (718) 859-7177.

Debate blow by blow points.

Trump has released his taxes. He e-mailed it to Hillary. Some of the campaign satire are the following; Schillary, Hollary Rotten Clinton. Hillary climb a mountain, liar liar, pante suits on fire. Trump will make America hate again or white again. Moderator Lester Dolt.

Having listened to the top elision and radio commenataries here is a summary. 84 million viewers watched the debate. It was huge but below a Super Bowl audience.  Most thought Clinton won. There were many small polls done too small for reliability. There were 2 minutes to answer a question and many felt Trump did not have enough policy to fill it without changing topics. Many thought Trump was strong in the beginning. Both kept their base but did little for the undecided which are listed as high as 20%. He fell for Clintons’ bait. Critics say if he can’t stay cool for 90 minutes how can he for 4 years. 11% trust Clinton and 14% believe in Big Foot and 8% think Elvis I s alive.

About Trump’s sniffling he said he did not have a cold which some joked it could be cocaine. He later blamed the mic. He talked about himself too much. Trump interrupted 41 times and talked over Clinton. He was asked 6 follow up questions and none for Clinton. When asked what he would do for racial harmony he continued about getting President Obama’s birth certificate.If he was trying to get the Hispanic women’s vote bringing up a women’s weight is a topic and should be ready with an answer for. With a split screen he had a Jackie Gleason like look and the evil stink eye.  He said his strength is his temperament. He asked what the career politician Clinton was doing for these problems for 30 years. She was a rookie senator not on choice committees and served 2 terms and a Secretary of State for 4 years.  She was blamed for ISIS for 30 years which is only around recently.

Trump called every deal the worst in history: NAFTA, Iran nuclear limitation. NAFTA, WABC’s economic analyst Larry Kudlow a Trump supporter disagreed. Trump said he was is Detroit working on race relations while Clinton was off for 2 days. Clinton said she was preparing for the debate which is her job and for being president. Trump said he loves the people he met in Detroit. He was there 5 hours, drove a lot and did not stay till the end of a service or meeting. He prepared less for the debate and spends time daily running his private business then campaigning fully and reading policy books. When Clinton guessed Trump paid little federal taxes, he said he was smart. Many want to use the loopholes but if he is smart are the rest of us stupid and he came off arrogant. Clinton gave 5 reasons why he is hiding his tax returns.

Hillary Clinton debate points:  for paid family sick days, corporate loop holes ended, investing in the middle class, no stop and frisk, for privatizing prisons, tax increases. Clinton called his plan Trumped up trickle down.

Donald Trump debate points: international trade agreement tariffs, TPP, getting jobs back by taxing corporations less so they would not leave or would return, less taxes and the economy.

Not asked were questions on her e-mails, foundation and Benghazi, global warming, accepting Syrian immigrants, the wall, infrastructure, education, Obamacare, and there was no real talk about race. There are 2 more presidential debates and a vice president one. The next one is a town hall with half the questions from the audience.


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