Thursday and Friday at Brooklyn College


All events are in the Student Center unless noted and almost all free. Readmission deadline for Summer Session I. This is the last day a student can apply to be readmitted to take classes during Summer Session I. Thursday: On the Quads: First Year Thursdays, 12-2:30 pm, East Quad. Geek Council, 12-2:30 pm, West Quad.

Salsa Workshop with MEDO, 12:30-2 pm. SEEK Awards, 12-2:30 pm, 6th floor. Luau for a cause, 6-10 pm, Jefferson Room with Alpha Phi Sigma. IVCF end of year bash, 6-10 pm, Bedford Lounge. Independence Day at Hillel, 12-2:30 pm. Healthy cooking on a budget, 12:30-2 pm, Maroon Room, (6th Floor).  Everyone will have the opportunity to make and eat their own deliciously healthy meals. RSVP Graduate School 101, 12:30-1:30 pm, Library, Room 242. Graduation is Here, Now What? 12:30-1:30 pm, Jefferson-Williams Lounge – 4th floor for  information on how to establish yourself as professional, tailor your experience to the job you want. Register at: under the “Career” tab. Game Day with the Psychology Club, play Psychology Jeopardy, 12:30-2 pm,  Occidental Lounge. Afternoon Chamber Music II, 1-2 pm, State Lounge, 5th Floor. Conservatory Orchestra, 6-7 pm, Whitman Theatre.

Friday: Advanced Diploma Recital: Hila Zamir, 7:30-8:45 pm, Studio 312, Roosevelt Extension.


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