Michael Strahan Announces His Departure from Live

Live with Kelly and Michael clips. Clothes malfunction and Kelly’s reaction to Michael leaving.Michael Strahan Announces His Departure  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmT0-9H4CMo

wardrobe malfunction http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/shay-mitchell-has-wardrobe-malfunction-while-taping-live-w204180

Scroll to the 1:55 minute mark:

The NY Post says Kelly is a diva and staff have trouble with her. An ABC worker told me when Kathie Lee Gifford left it was not by choice. Disney owns the show as is conservative. They did not like many of her political statements. Her farewell was made to look like she decided to leave. The same may have been with Regis leaving. Kathie Lee did not have a lot of work after she left. Regis worked right after he left making it look like he was not retiring.

Kelly thought she should have been told with more notice and not at a board meeting an hour before the announcement. The producer Michael Gelman did not know either. She makes 20 million a year and took off same days form the show once hearing this and threw items.  It is rumored she got Michael the job and for quite a while they did not talk off stage.  The same thing happened when Regis left. Kelly has not spoken to Regis since he left. ABC may have told the ones leaving not to tell anyone. Kathie Lee and Regis meet regularly for diner.


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