Student Government is planning many entertainment events


Photo: Shamrock the Vote Concert

Due to a camera malfunction for a clear shot, abstract art special effects were then tried.



Trivia: Bloodhounds can track a man by smell for up to 100 miles. Who was famously killed on the Ides of March?  Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar. Answer below. On March 15, 1913 President Woodrow Wilson met with about 100 reporters for the first formal presidential press conference. Answer: Julius Caesar.

Shamrock the Vote Concert tonight was hosted by NYPIRG with CLAS student government in the Student Center Penthouse had about 100 that attended with a band and open mic as depicted in the photos. Abada-Capoeira a martial arts club performed. It was well marketed with many fliers posted.



Student Government events: Every Tuesday at 12:15 pm CLAS Student Government has assembly meetings in the student Center which are open to any student to view or ask a question. For more time one has to request prior to be put on the agenda to talk a little longer.

Issues are expressed in a non-combative air as Speaker Jake Levin has it more as a dialogue then the past formality. The Bedford Room most often is used but has bad acoustics for a big U shaped table and seats for the audience to hear. Several meetings did not reach a quorum to have official voting so this is a summary of the highlights of the last three meeting agendas in February.

In the planning stages are an Africa Diaspora event, Disabilities Awareness event and a jazz concert. Also a Student Faculty Luncheon is being looked into. Three election commissioners were sought for 20 hours work at $20 an hour. The American Medical Women’s Association was granted $3,184 to take the E-board to a Florida conference to learn about national regulations, medical issues and scholarship programs. At an earlier meeting one assembly person abstained because he didn’t know enough about it. Assemblyperson Kami Salman argued for the money saying they are getting trained and representing the college. Last year $5,00 went to the Global Medical Brigades which takes medical supplies to third world countries usually in Central America.

A Carnival is planned for Unity Week on April 12. NYPIRG had over 30 students planning to go to Albany to lobby to not raise tuition under the SUNY 2020 law. NYPIRG is planning a Shamrock the Vote Concert for March 15th and were looking for entertainment. The Movie on the Quad could be Forest Gump or Inception. The student government two party system there is a proposal to end it.  Two thirds are needed to change the constitution.

Gargulio Restaurant it was decided is where the spring formal which is like a senior prom will be held on April 21. There was a discussion on fixing the Wi-Fi and town hall meetings are also being planned. Parents and Friends Club will throw a family fun day event.

There will be voting for the participatory budgeting on Thursday March 17th in the CLAS office, third fllor of the Student Center, 12:15 pm. Faculty members being considered for advisor are from the following: Professor Michal Menzer who brought participatory budgeting to America, Professor Manuhar, Professor Hailin, Professor Christine Vitrano, Dr. Stephanie Jensen Moulton, Dr. Alexandra Lewis, Associate Vice-President Alan Gilbert, Professor Audrey Blueir.

The Academic Affairs Committee is looking into a training manual, book drive and to show the film called Two Side story and looking for student leaders to moderate the event. Chaya Weinstein represents the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. She is trying to run bone marrow drives, raise funds and awareness and attract volunteers. Her e-mail is



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