Brooklyn College Women’s basketball team play for the championship Sunday, men lose in NCAA and review

The Brooklyn College Women’s Bulldog Basketball Team today beat Centenary College big to advance to the ECAC Finals against the College of Staten Island which will be played Sunday at BC’s West Quad at 1 pm. BC got off to a 22-12 lead and at the half it was 38-25 with several threes scored.  Centenary College was a 4th seed despite having only 2500 students.

In the second game the College of Staten Island beat Rutgers 65-63. The game ended with about 5 turnovers in a row and Rutgers could not get a shot off to tie. CSI’s Christina Pasturo at 5 foot 7 inches played with a face mask due to an injury. They have also have Jamie Pifalo who is 5 foot 2 inch point guard. Basketball is not just about height or there’d be 7 foot guards. Mugsy Bogues at maybe 5 foot 4 inches outlasted Manute Bol at 7 foot 6 inches in the NBA. Mugsey played 16 years and averaged 7.6 assists.  Michael Jordan and Lebron James were not the tallest at their position but had agility and coordination.

The BC Men’s Bulldog Basketball Team lost in the NCAA Division III playoffs tournament yesterday against NYU. On Friday March 4th at 5:30 pm tip off the BC Bulldogs played and then lost to the NYU Violets 86-67 in Norfolk Virginia. There was not a big crowd because it was spring break. The key to the game was the NYU’s height and bulk for inside baskets and rebounding. Both teams came in as good shooting teams with many seniors. In their history NYU has won all 19 games verse BC. NYU led the whole game and had balanced scoring with 5 players in double figure points and many rebounding. The NYU big men scored them with a post-game or putting in rebounds. NYU’s big men got easy baskets. Costis Gontikas is a formidable 6 foot 9 inch 247 pound center and Patrick Burns 6 foot 6 inch and 225 pounds.
BC double teaming created a few turnovers and had to be tried. It opened up the floor for three pointers which NYU hit. BC’s Egzon Gjonbalaj became the first in all time BC scoring history. NYU got off to a 12 point lead in the first part of the first half. The game had no pace as there were a lot of free throws and few fast breaks. BC’s Lorenzo Williams had 9 points and Egzon had 11 points and 11 rebounds. BC was down 38-33 at the half. The BC 2-3 zone was helpful.

BC kept making runs early to creep back a little. BC tried full court pressing to upset tempo verse steals to get back. Having a short bench, players played many minutes and could not get back fast enough on breaks. In the second half the biggest lead was 19 with 3:11 left.
NYU recruits nationwide and internationally as they have 3 players from Florida and one from Massachusetts and one from Greece. NYU’s Toni Bai had 4 threes and Ross Udine had 3. NYU Coach Joe Nesci has 495 wins. In the past NBA Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes went there and his son Danny also who also played in the NBA. BC did not shoot well, 34.38 % field goals, 33.33 % three pointers but 86.4 free throws and only 2 fast break points.
NYU’s stats: Costis Gontikas 25 points 8 rebounds, Max Ralby 11 rebounds, team stats: field goals 53%, three pointers 40%.
NYU had 20 more points in the paint, 8 more second chance points which they lacked in the first half, 15 more rebounds and assists.


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