Jake Levin profiled, events, rally to Albany to top tution raises

Jake Levin Wins Prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship but more recently profiled on the BC  home page but not easy to find. He is president of CLAS student government.


More Thursday events: Valentine’s Day with GMB 6-10 p, in the Penthouse. NYPIRG Student Action Meeting on free group bus to Albany to protest renewing the tuition hike law. 12:30 pm in the Student Center, in Alumni Room on the 4th floor.

Today at 12:15 pm  was the Greek Rush at the Student Center. It was crowded because it was in a small room. Different fraternity and sorority members spoke and some gave a dancing exhibition. Not to many new members were there as shown  from the sign up sheets and the few not wearing shirts showing they were members. The coordinators  there needed to do  some herding as you could not walk the 5 feet from the elevator to the room or any aisles in the room.

New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) announced it was having a bus on Higher Education Action Day on February 25 to go to Albany to lobby for students issues. The SUNY 2020 tuition hike law ends this session soon and is up for renewal. Students have to sign up for the bus by February18 at 0302 James Hall, (718) 859-7177, brooklyn@nypirg.org. 




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