Super Bowl commercials, Satuday Night Live videos

Super Bowl or Slumber Bowl. Super Bowl 50 Scores Third-Highest Rating Ever. 6 of the last 10 super bowls had a Manning quarterback it and won 4. Super Bowl Ads were not that great this year. I would not pay 5 million for each spot. The one of the sonogram has had a controversial reaction.   Super Bowl commercials

Saturday Night Live, each clip may run into another. The Funniest Peyton Manning Sketch Ever ON SNL  Palin Endorsement The Stereotypes – 7 Types Of People At Every Super Bowl Party SNL with Bernie Sanders Larry David Monologue-SNL (some cursing who is from Sheepshead Bay High School, Bklyn).

Bern Your Enthusiasm – SNL (a bit long for the punch line at the end). Donald Trump: The Art of the Insult

Ex Mayor Bloomberg is looking to get into the presidential race. As an independent he can enter late. He wants to be the candidate for the middle and would prefer Clinton out of the race and leftist Sanders and one of the republican right wingers to run. A possible reason Trump did not win Iowa because he only went to a few counties with big rallies Cruz went to 99 counties.  BC alumni Glenn Nocera class of 98 was elected head of the Brooklyn Tea Party.


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