Brooklyn College Men’s Bulldog basketball team beat Hunter’s Hawks 103-96


Seniors and their family

On Friday, February 2nd at 7:15 pm the Brooklyn College Men’s Bulldog basketball team beat Hunter’s Hawks 103-96. BC improves to 17-5 overall with the victory and 10-4 in the CUNYAC.

The NY Times profiled the Bulldog’s team in the last few days as we will post in the future.  Being this is BC’s last home game the many seniors were given awards and their family posed for a big group picture. BC senior guard Jamel Gist on Senior Night with his first shot scored his 1,000th point at Brooklyn. He is the first to do it as a transfer student and was a captain for the 3 years. Coach Rich Micallef said Nick Grasso was one of the best defenders in CUNY.


Seniors getting awards, Egzon Gjonbalaj on the right receiving an award


The Bulldogs led the whole game as they hit four three pointers in the first two and half minutes of the game.  BC hit 14 three-pointers in the game and 11-13 in the first half. They had trouble pulling away from the Hawks all night.

BC had some flash as Egzon Gjonbalaj drove and faked a dunk and put in a tear drop. He had a 360 degree turn on his drive. Gist has a nice crossover dribble. There was an alley oop pass from Gjonbalaj to Gist.

All night BC had unselfish passing to the open man. Anaselrahman Abdu set up Gjonbalaj with an alley oop. The next time they reversed it to each other with a dribble pass to a slow hook.

Hunter kept in it with some threes, and they got inside shots from rebounds but no middle range shots. For BC Lorenzo Williams shot well and used his crossover dribble and step back shot. There was a nice out of bounds play to Gjonbalaj for a dunk.  And many catch and shoot hoops.   The first half ended 61-46.

The scoring was high and pretty equal for both halfs. The game took a long time due to a lot of free throws but both defenses were good. BC has had leads in past games and let them slip away. One fan thought they should use up more clock but that could also take the offense out of their rhythm. Some shots launched at the end of the shooting clock are bad ones just to beat the clock.   At 92-84 Gist on a break came up to a double tem and slipped right through. At 95-86 Gjonbalaj hit a clutch 3. Hunter was within four points of the Bulldogs with 4:39 to go.  Up six points with just under two minutes remaining in the game, senior  Gjonbalaj made a three-point field goal.

Hunter’s point guard Gerald Carty was effective with his drive. At one point he drove 6 times straight in the second half and dished effectively when he drew double coverage. One way play on a break he hit the trailer without looking.

Key Stats: BC: shot 64% in the first half and 50% total, three pointers 84% in the first half and 63% total, +5 turnovers, +6 turnovers. Gjonbalaj finished the game with a game-high 31 points, 15 rebounds 3 offensive, 4-6 three pointers, 4 assists, 3 blocks and 3 steals.  Senior forward Lorenzo Williams finished with 30 points including 6-9 from three pointers.  Gist had 17 points and six assists.  Nick Grasso had seven assists. Hunter: 81% free throws and Carty 7 assists.


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