Brooklyn College Bulldogs lose in exciting double overtime. Another game tonight verse Hunter at 7:15 pm West Quad Center.


Tuesday February 2nd at 7:15 pm the Brooklyn College Bulldogs played a home game against York’s Cardinal’s men’s basketball team in the West Quad Center. BC lost in double overtime 96-94. It was Alumni Night and Bernie Weitz and Steve Felder were in attendance from the BC 1973 team, see photo above. Coach Rich Micallef graciously thanked them for coming.  That team won the Knickerbocker Tournament, ECAC and CUNY Tournament and it has never has been done again.

BC had to use their depth as 3 players were in foul trouble and their center is injured. They beat York by a lot the first meeting but they did not have their six foot seven inch freshman center Larry Moore who is a top rebounder in the conference. The first half BC fell behind due to their defense, lack of offensive rebounding, shot selection and inconsistency.

York had a lot of no look passing and their press effectively changed BC’s rhythm getting into the offense and there were many turnovers. BC’s scoring was led by Egzon Gjonbalaj’s 28 points, 19 rebounds and 3 blocks. Next in scoring was 18 points by the Williams’ (Dillon and Lorenzo).

Some flashy plays in the game were by Lorenzo Williams turn around J, Gjonbalaj’s 360 degree turnaround, full court layup and also a dunk through a half-court defense.

BC made a big comeback. They hit many clutch free throws at the end. Egzon Gjonbalaj made key steals, blocks and shots at the end. Some of the last plays of the game were both teams committing turnovers. Many did not know the rule but when trying to get possession and control of a ball in play the coach cannot call a time out like in the pros, only the players can.  Gjonbalaj was involved in a nice back door play. York center Larry Moore impressed with 21 points and 23 rebounds and got the game winning shot at the buzzer for the win.  Stats: BC had 18 less rebounds, 9 less shot attempts, 3 less assists but 3 more three pointers, 1 less turnover and 2 more blocked shots.York videos:


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