Recently I became aware that a very fair reporter was discriminated against. A professor recommended they not register for the person’s class. It could be because of age, race, color, religion or other Title IV areas. It could be because a reporter doing their job will be disliked.
What if every professor said don’t register, that would be against American values. Registering is not a popularity contest. I have seen petitions to save professors and also students against professors. A professor telling someone they do not belong is similar to playing God. No one owns CUNY, not the students, professors, administrators, donors, legislators or the board. It is run by a group with checks and balances. CUNY gets more funding from he state. In schools I have heard of administrators removed or technically forced to retire. Country’s dictators have been removed. I cannot get into details without risking libel. Many newspapers and administrators read this blog at times up to the chancellor. There is more in life then book knowledge. Maybe they will get the hint before they get in trouble. Absolute power corrupts. You meet the same people on the way down as on the way up, fame is fleeting.


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