Brooklyn College Bulldogs blows 12 point lead but win in overtime

Tonight the Brooklyn College Bulldogs played Lehman College’s Lightning men’s basketball team. The Bulldogs were up at the half by 12 in a high scoring half 44 to 32 due to good rebounding, creating turnovers and passing. The scoring was led by Lorenzo Williams with 33 points and and Egzon Gjonbalaj’s 23 points respectively. The offense court is balanced by each of them on opposite sides of the court. BC lost the lead in the second half due to poor shot selection, lack of offensive rebounding and interior defense. Some of the players were like statues on defense with no help defense. Their interior defense, shot blocking and no post game deficiency were the cause of losing the lead. There press was ineffective. The played man to man and at times a 2-3 defense. A zone is to hide bad defenders and help with post up players or drivers. A common problem with a zone is some get too relaxed to covering an area verse looking where the players are and adjusting. To affect a shooter a defender has to worry the ball will be stolen, blocked or getting fouled. One good defender may be better than several that are stationary as scorers score on breaks when they do not have the numbers. One has to anticipate the passing lanes and if a player cannot go to his weak side. The turnaround came from the Lightning’s rebounding and fast breaking.
A BC athletics’ major would not give her name but said BC has many seniors so they were hungry and battling with Lehman for first place. Also the point guard Jamel Gist did not play due to an injury which led to an offense with turnovers and not as smooth an offense without a penetrator. The center only had a semester of eligibility which ended and could not play. She said the refs called a better game than the last time the teams met. The game was full a lot of fouling.
The Lightning forced an overtime with a three pointer by their leading scorer Chaun Miller who scored 30 points also Edwin Pascual scored 21. The last plays of the game had a turnover for both teams. In the overtime the Bulldogs took the lead and the final score was 110 to 99. Some flashy plays in the game were by Lorenzo Williams turn around J,  Gjonbalaj’s 360 degree turnaround, full court layup and a dunk through a half-court defense.


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