(updated ending) free rides, how to find out how far the city bus, New Year’s Resolutions

Wednesday and Thursday: Deno’s Wonder Wheel will offer free rides on New Year’s Eve, 9–11 pm, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, 3059 W 12th St. at Coney Island Boardwalk. Thursday and Friday the college is closed.

To find out how far the city bus is you can scan the bus top sign on the pole or quicker is to text them and for trains go to MTA.info
New Year’s Resolutions usually last under a few days. Every diet works at the start because it is your top priority but can’t be forever as you may have a test or death in the family. 90% of the diets do not work. A resolution should be realistic, measurable and in stages. Wrong is to say I will get in shape, better is to put it in your schedule 3 times a week is x and a review after a month. Every day make a to do list and at the end of the night check off what was done. The same item always there might get you to not put it off. Join a gym class and you have a support group and they’ll encourage you to keep coming. The hardest item to do, do first so you do not do other items to avoid it.  


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