Free coffee and donuts, extended Libray hours, study tips, students SOFEDUP at Brooklyn College


SOFEDUP and student government members 

Free coffee and donuts the next 3 nights at 8 pm in the Whitehead lobby. The Library is open till 11:45 pm for a few days of finals. The WEB till 10:45 pm till Thursday. Those 2 are the quitter places and especially the Library basement. See study tips on top tab and it will be updated. Tips for citing works try the citing machine. The college newspapers have put out some good work lately. The Excelsior this week has good articles on problems professors have being rehired and their roles. Good Kingsman articles will be mentioned in the future.


On Thursday December 12th at 6 pm, S.O.F.E.D.U.P. (students with disabilities club) and CLAS (student government) hosted a group discussion called Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Everyone. It was well done with everyone in a circle saying what they refer to a person with disabilities. SOFEDUP President Stacy Ann Desouza said people should not be labeled as their introduced but preferred the title of students with disabilities. Many spoke in the lively discussion.
One person said psychiatry relies too much on using medication first. About half the disorders are treated that way. It is the cheapest way for insurance companies.
One student mentioned she saw kids in day care not doing well due to never being praised when they did well but negative feedback when they did wrong. One person said we use only 10% of our brain but Stacy Ann said we use all or it would be atrophic.
Some issues were wheel chair ramps and study rooms that were easily accessible. There was talk of a pay elevator for the students with disabilities, which it was said why they should have to pay when other students can use the stairs for free. President Desouza said dyslexic people and similar can learn given the right tools and chance…we are people to, and enjoy student activity life and getting friends.
Forms of counselling were discussed. I said counselling is no longer a stigma and the cure may be just one pill. Einstein said a genius is someone who is proficient in just one filed. Many business geniuses have failed in other areas and many in politics. No one knows everything and everyone needs help. I know a blind person who chose to live alone and some that travel the world by themselves. A bus shelter is needed by James Hall for waiting for the Access-A-Ride as one student said they go into a serious muscle condition if in the snow. Monday to Thursday there is a petition in Health Clinic in 114 Roosevelt Hall were you can also get a free flu shot.
There is a free Personal Counseling office in the college. Outised it business hours are many fliers on common items students need help for such as study skills, test taking, stess and anxiety. It is mainly for short term problems with social workers. They have many regular workshops to test anxiety to test taking. The office is in 0203 James Hall, (718) 951-5363,
A photo will be added.


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