(updated at the bottom) Free flu shots, petition to help the disabled not be in the rain at the James Hall bus stop, Thursday events at Brooklyn College you don’t want to miss

The Health Clinic in 114 Roosevelt Hall has free flu shots Monday to Thursday.

Help SOFEDUP not be SOFEDUP. SOFEDUP is a club with students who have disabilities or advocate for improving conditions for them. They have a petition for a bus stop shelter in front of James Hall so there not waiting in the rain. The petition is in the Health Clinic in 114 Roosevelt Hall. If you want to help them circulating the petition in offices or with clubs or students leave them a note as their office is at the end of Roosevelt Hall going to the WEB.

All events are in the Student Center unless noted. Thursday: Met Life Presentation, 12:15-1:30 pm with the Actuary Society. Free coffee, 12:15 pm, Whitehead Breezeway. BA-MD Society, 12:30 pm, Occidental Room. Karaoke at Hillel, 12:30 pm. Chamber Music, 1-2 pm, State Room. Potluck food, 5:30-8:30 pm from the gospel choir.  Blaze Dance Team Masquerade, 6 pm, basement with the Slam Team. Game Night/Ice Cream Social, 6-9 pm, Alumni Lounge with GMB. Slam Finals (poetry) 6-10 pm, 2nd floor. BCAM Party, 6-10 pm, Occidental Lounge with Anime Manga Club. Stock Market and Insurance Seminar hosted by the Actuary Society, 6-9 pm, State Lounge. Stress Relief, 7:15 pm, Intl Room, with the Greek Clubs. Nuyorian (poetry), 7:30 pm, Maroon Room with PRA. Discussion on the Young Lords, 2nd floor 7 pm, with PRA.


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