Brooklyn College closed Tuesday and Wednesday, drug arrest on campus, alleged student murderer

Tuesday and Wednesday no classes scheduled due to the Jewish holiday. The library closes at 5pm and the Library Café remains open 24 hours.
The Excelsior Newspaper title says Drug Arrest on Campus (Brooklyn College). A student who would not give their name said Channel 11 was by the campus Bedford Ave gate filming and broadcasting. It was about selling drugs that a maintenance worker at Brooklyn College who was accused of selling cocaine to undercover cops on nine separate occasions. The worker denies it. Another person said the party had a 10 year prison record and was hired without a full background check which has yet to be confirmed. There are reports of 50k bail to 1 million. For bail you do not have to put up most of the bail.
Kingsman Newspaper title: Brooklyn College student: pushed to kill?  It reports the father was abusive and 3,000 signed a petition for the student.


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