Odds and ends, Thursday nights events

Blaze Dance Team Club were well choreographed with sexy moves, precision coordination and poetry in motion to a crowded room at their Student Center event. Ohoto will soon be provided.
If trouble registering due to technology call the Help team 718.951.4558. If the class is closed go to the department’s adviser or other advice go to Academic Advisement. To do your taxes and get the tuition credit form go to Cunyfirst and Finance tab (there are 2 of them) for 1098 form. Registration this semester has no CunyFirst tutors in the WEB Building, only in the fall. For the step by step instructions ask for the paper on it in the WEB where the registrar and bursar are.
Due to moving, blog postings were irregular but should be more consistent. Monday night and Friday night generally list BC events and citywide weekend events. The green parrots nested in the lights of the athletic field and are gone.
Conway stores have a 10% discount as they are being sold to a new company to take it over. Thursday nights events: Open Mic, Karaoke around 6 and 7 pm and more, details may be forthcoming if not, check the Student Center lobby display monitor.

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