Thursday events at BC

Geology Society had a Beard Contest on Thursday, February 26th we are hoping to obtain photos. Thursday events: 
Kenshin Kyoto Inferno movie with Anime Club
Purim Party 6:30 pm at Hillel. HASA Talent Show 7 to 10 pm in the SUBO basement. Sexual encounters discussion with the Sociology Club on consent during focusing on the “Yes Means Yes/ Respect Campaign talks about consent as a “whole body experience” & traditional sexual script. It will be held in room 3604 James Hall from 12:50-2 PM with pizza and beverages. TEDxManhattan is important for sustainable, ethical living and eating, and earth-loving. Perfect for earth and social activists, farmers, local and slow food advocates, CSA/ food co-op/ farmers market lovers, Nutrition and Health majors and professionals, pet owners and animal lovers, foodies … aka everyone. Brooklyn College Study Abroad Scholarship Association form


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