Obamacare deadline and health Insurance terms

Health Insurance terms and how to pick an insurer.  February 15 is the deadline for  Affordable Care Act (ACA) Obamacare registration. This is a general guideline but you can double check. A premium is what you pay monthly for your health insurance. You may have a subsidy (money the government will pay part of it for you based on your income). The deductible is the amount you pay. A $250 deductible may mean you pay the first $250 till the insurance pays or co shares with you. Out of pocket means how much you might have to pay total in a year.  Check out all the costs, examples are the PCP or primary care physician visit, urgent care, ambulance or emergency care, lab tests, specialists, prescriptions you use, generic or preferred. See what hospitals take the insurance and what pharmacists and others in the health field say of it. If you have a doctor you want find out what coverage they take. Consumer Reports may have a rating of it. You can go on the official site https://www.healthcare.gov/,  call the government help line(855) 355-5777 but you may be on hold awhile, call an insurance company you are considering to explain it or get a navigator’s help which you can find on the government’s  website.


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