Journalist Professor Ron Howell under fire, Rockerfeller Center protesters, Sunday political talk show


Last week’s Kingsman Newspaper was about Professor Ron Howell who may lose his job possibly because of a racial issue. I had Professor Howell for 2 journalism classes. He ran a group discussion very well with good open ended questions. He was very accessible to reach from e-mail and to meet in his office. He was very easy going and had a good sense of humor. He worked for the Daily News, Newsday, ABC News and the Associated Press. I took his picture for a Daily News article. Pick up last week’s Kingsman to see the whole article. The old newspapers are almost always left in the newsstands till almost the next semester. If not you can get one from their office or try online or view one in the library archives room.


Protesters: I set out to see public relations advertising for the holidays so I headed to the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting event on December 3rd from 5 to 7 pm.  I could not get close as the streets were barricaded off do to too many people in there. I photographed department window displays which will be posted in the future. Lord and Taylor was very good and I imagine Saks and Barney’s by reputation are also.   There were protesters around the circumference of Rockerfeller Center blocks.  There were helicopters overhead. The protesters were standing very few feet away from dozens of police in riot gear on the other side of barricades. They were chanting about no justice from the police who were right next to them but all news accounts of the day were peaceful. The protesters were getting free advertising for their cause as were the holiday events with public relations advertising.



Sunday talk show news: David Iglasia was on one of the Sunday talk shows. He was a special prosecutor for Guantanamo detainees and said communist countries would not reveal a report like the recent one on the CIA torture. He said our country has self-analysis and self-criticism is why we are the moral leader of the world. Torture has not proved to work as Senator John McCain who was tortured has said many times. They will make up anything to end it. Sleep deprecation and similar do not aid recall or students would use it for a test and it would be taught. Iglasia said 22 inmates at Gitmo were wrongly detained. Some were from false information some gave under torture and led to their torture.


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