Library open till 12 for finals, new computers coming and so is Christmas

The Library open till 12 at night till Thursday December 18th. To check the whole schedule check with the library or their website. USB ports have been added for the computers by the first floor information desk.  Expect the Library Cafe to be loud and crowded especially Sunday night. If there was a notice of new hours it was in clutter. Clutter may be be from 1 to 3,000 posters and ads one pass a day and do not notice. It hurts the effect of each one. It is like trying to remember the pattern of your wall paper which after the beginning you never look at. If it was on the new sign outside no one checks it every day. Notice should have been more bold such as in blinking lights or with red bold lettering.

Some of the library computers are very slow. Some say to make it quicker have few windows open. After finals new computers are going to be installed, finally but not for finals.


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