Famous “Daisy” Attack Ad from 1964 Presidential Election

Recently was the 50th anniversary to the famous “Daisy LBJ” Attack Ad from 1964 presidential election. This was a t the height of the cold war. See the ad and my reply, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDTBnsqxZ3k.

The LBJ/Daisy ad is famous in advertising.  The indirect casting of dispersions used sort of a symbolism. The young child with a daisy invokes the image of innocence. The nuclear bomb is the worst devastation ever. The mushroom cloud could be a stretch to poisonous mushrooms. Poetry is used to show a more cerebral civil candidate. The child counts ascending for a pleasant game and the missile launch is descending for doom.

The risk of the fear mongering negative campaign could be a back lash against its candidate. It may have started negative advertising on television and showed the power of the medium. Horror movies sell but many avoid negativity. Shock radio jocks tend to have a short term effects and not longevity. Many sensations are used in the ad such as sound for its effect as the volume increases for the explosion. At that point there is a close up of the child.

Many contributed to the ad and the candidate’s decision to run it. It made major news which was its goal. Announcer Chris Schenkel was an anchorman on the Olympics and gave it an authority’s weight. Ironically President Johnson in office did a lot of candidate Goldwater’s war plan and it lost him support to run for another term and the public nuked him.


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