A bus stop coming to an area near you?

Since the Select-A-Bus started neighborhoods have fought to get the bus to stop at their area. Nostrand and Ave L and Gates Avenue got it added. A group is trying to get one. To sign the petition below go to Mini Mart Store at Nostrand and Ave R.

To: MTA Chairman, Thomas F. Prendergast
CC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Councilperson Chaim M. Deutsch: Councilperson Alan Maisel
May 2014
To whom it may concern:
In the wake of an unprecedented cold winter, we have greatly appreciated the MTA’s remarkable bus services, particularly with the highly utilized B44. During these extreme weather conditions, and of course all year round, many of us take the B44 local bus to get to and from work and subway stations, and for children heading to and from school.
Unfortunately, there are often long waiting times (sometimes up to 30 minutes) for the local bus at the Nostrand Ave. /Avenue R stop. In addition, due to all the local stops, the trip to the nearest subway takes extra time.
To facilitate more rapid transportation for hundreds of Brooklyn residents (many elderly) using the stop every day, we request thee addition of a Select Bus Stop at Nostrand Ave. /Avenue R. This Select Bus Stop would cut back on the waiting time for the next local bus, and would shorten the trip tremendously.
Thank you.


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